Tire Dressing

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Product Name: Tire Dressing
Model No.: DS0001



Product Introduction:

Super drying and glossing formula. Dry fast and not easy to stick the dusts. Not easily to throw off when driving and create a high glossing and repellent protection on the tire surface. The tire dressing can avoid the damage caused by UV ray and oxidizing. Dedicating solvent will not harm the tire.

快乾光亮配方,快乾不易沾染灰塵,且行駛後不易甩出,並同時能於表面形成一層高亮度撥水保護膜,有效避免氧化及紫外線傷害,並維持長效亮度 ,本品所使用之溶劑為專用溶劑,不會造成輪胎龜裂,敬請放心使用。